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     Every marketing plan starts with these basics -- understanding the customer (or target audience),understanding the product and its "fit" with market needs,and effectively and consistently communicating and demonstrating a well-thought-out positioning.  It's no different if you're selling consumer packaged goods, high-tech business-to-business applications, services, political candidates - or yourself.  The fundamentals of good marketing don't change.

     Every executive needs to recognize that success in job search and in career planning requires a strategic marketing plan.  Time, thought and work is essential to creating a personal marketing plan and integrating it into your job search and career program.  Michael A. Goodman, a marketing guru with a background in packaged-goods, specifically with Frito-Lay, believes that every job seeker can distinguish himself or herself by applying proven marketing techniques in job search.

     What makes you a more attractive candidate than the others on the slate of prospects?  In Goodman's book, "THE POTATO CHIP DIFFERENCE: How to Apply Leading Edge Marketing Strategies to Landing the Job You Want", you will find a thought provoking approach with tools to better understand yourself, as well as better prepare you to find -- and land your ideal job.  Goodman's book will help you discover that something special that makes you stand out from the competition.

     "THE POTATO CHIP DIFFERENCE: How to Apply Leading Edge Marketing Strategies to Landing the Job You Want" is an informative and easy to read guide that offers lots of good suggestions and tools that you will want to spend time absorbing and using.  I recommend this book because it focuses on the planning phase of the self-marketing effort -- when you determine the strategy that will guide everything else you do.  This is often the most neglected phase of the job search process because so many of us want to jumpstart our searches by pushing resumes out the door so that the phone starts to ring.  Take time to make a difference in your search.  Read this book and put it to use.  It will make a difference for you.

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