Packed with useful tips and relevant case studies
from the real world of major league marketing

  • A solid strategic look at the job search process
  • Invaluable perspective on positioning yourself to land the job you want
  • Specific tips and how-to suggestions that follow from a well-conceived marketing strategy – on selecting your next employer, preparing an effective and targeted resume, mastering the interview, handling tough questions, even salary discussions
  • Real-world examples from the author’s own experience – applicable to marketing products, services and YOU!
  • A suggested follow-up resource list that can be customized for individual needs and interests -- from finding the right career to ‘landing the job’ interviewing techniques
  • Easy, enjoyable reading … not a textbook … with instructive analogies and lessons from real-world consumer and business-to-business marketing situations

Who should read this book

An interview with the Author

     “In the executive search business we see the wisdom of Goodman’s advice almost daily. We work exclusively with marketing people. These are senior-level executives who wouldn’t dream of creating a marketing plan without first developing a well-conceived marketing strategy.  Yet when it comes to their own professional career too often they seem to ignore career strategy in pursuit of off-target short-term “opportunities.”  The result of this oversight is an unfocused career path with too many unexplainable job changes.

John Bissell, Managing Partner
       Gundersen Partners, L.L.C.

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