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Chapter 1

The Objective Is To Get The Job

Developing the strategy that will get the job

     To begin the process, your first sub-objective is to figure out what your ideal employer is going to be looking for and showing up with it in a way so that he or she can’t possibly say no.

     There are a lot of books on library and bookstore shelves that deal with resume writing, career planning, and various elements of the interviewing and job selection process. Some of them are even very good. The problem is you’d have to spend hours, or even days and months, to go through them all and figure out which ones are going to be most useful to you. And then you’d have a lot of “pieces” with no “whole.” You’d be missing the big idea or overall game plan.

     This book is going to short-circuit all of that and tell you exactly what you need to know about developing the strategy that will get you your next job. I’ll recommend a few other books you may want to read as part of the process, but the focus will be on guiding you through the critically important steps in developing a winning strategy for one of the most important projects of your life.

     Finding a job is obviously a weighty subject with broad appeal. Finding the “next job” (and presumably one that’s better than the one you have, or had most recently) is a topic that will be relevant and important to just about every one of us at one time or another in the coming years. Americans are changing jobs, companies, and careers more frequently now than at any time in our history, and there’s nothing on the horizon that suggests this is going to change anytime soon.

     There are a number of reasons for this phenomenon, but there’s no need to become academic about social trends when the real objective of this book is to provide immediate, proscriptive help for people who find themselves in the job market. It’s generally not a time when theory and macroeconomics seem very relevant.

     It is important though to recognize the job search process for what it is — a very serious marketing job, with a unique product: You!

     As a professional marketing and management consultant for the last twenty years, I’ve seen the entire range of marketing strategies, for all sorts of products and services, and they run the gamut from “knock-your-socks-off great” to “embarrassingly bad.”  I’ve probably seen just as many job seekers, and the range of quality in their strategies extends across the same scale. I’ve also been in a position to hire, fire, interview, recruit, evaluate, and make recommendations about job applicants across a wide range of industries and company types, and I’ve read dozens of books about all aspects of both the recruiting and job-seeking processes.

     That’s why this book now exists. You could spend the better part of a year (or even more) reading up on the subject, refining your own strategies and testing various approaches. But I’m guessing you don’t have that kind of time or patience. You want a job — NOW.

     If you’ll track through this book, take the “homework” assignments seriously and invest just a little time and money reading and researching the few subjects noted, you’ll have all you really need. Of course, you’re welcome to do more, but I seriously question whether it will provide sufficient incremental benefit to justify the added time and expense — not to mention the stress factor.

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